Wow, what a great weekend. P brought up a great fluorescent light tubing box, which makes a great tunnel for the bunnies. They have been busy working on modifications all weekend. One of these days, I will take the time to figure out how to link to a pic from here.

Enjoyed sitting on the floor eating smoked salmon, crackers, and cheese with for dinner Friday. That is, and I had dinner, not that I had …well, you get the idea πŸ˜‰ Then and P headed out to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival opening night. I stayed home catching up on e-mails and went to bed early (which is one of my favorite things). Woke up a couple hours later to the soft sounds of an interesting sounding conversation in the living room. I couldn’t make out what P and were talking about, but lay in bed listening to their voices for a while. Finally decided that if I didn’t get up and go out there I would miss out on it. Nothing like beautiful naked people hanging out in your living room. πŸ™‚

The next morning we sent off on her trek back to the south, after a fabulous breakfast of crepes, and spent the morning napping. Well, mostly napping πŸ˜‰ P had to be back at the Erotic Art Festival for further volunteering duties, and I tagged along at his request. Lots of great art. I thought fully half of it was worthwhile. I learned a fair amount about what I’m trying to do with my photography, and where I’m not quite accomplishing what I want yet. There was definitely some good stuff there. Also lots of pretty boys and girls in interesting costumes. I hear that opening night was far grander, but I rather prefer the slower, less crowded environment where I can just have a seat and watch things. Of course, lots of interest was expressed in P. One very nice older man told me, β€œWell, I just have to say, if he ever needs a Daddy…” I laughed and broke it to him that he was not the first person to offer such a thing. He sighed, β€œYes, I suppose I would just have to get in line…”

We splurged on dinner at a Thai place after the show, since I don’t have any food at my house suitable for P. (He can’t live on microwave macaroni and cheese the way I can.) Had black sticky rice pudding for the first time. My new favorite!

Spent the night cuddling with my favorite person, and got to sleep in on Sunday. Had coffee and a donut for breakfast at Top Pot with P before he had to head down to Olympia and put his school hat back on. I was feeling very lazy, so it was good that R was willing to come drag me off the couch for our scheduled training hike. We hiked up Rattlesnake Ridge, next door to Mt. Si. It’s a 4-mile climb, with an elevation gain of over 2000 feet. Beautiful views from the top I hear, although we mostly saw the tops of clouds. And then 4 miles straight back down. Sore knees today, but in a good way.

Had an interesting conversation with R on the way home. She previously picked the label pseudo-girlfriend for her relationship to me. So she had decided that if she was going to be my pseudo-girlfriend, we should have some pseudo-dates or something. I had thought that hiking counted as a pseudo-date, but she disagreed. I explained that I’ve never really done the dating thing (I grew up in a small town; we mostly skipped the dating and just had sex.) so I was agreeable but she would have to make it happen, since I’ve never been quite sure what qualifies as a date. She came down to my office today and explained that she had come up with three criteria for defining a date. 1)the intent has to be to hang out with the other person. This is why hiking doesn’t count. Our intent is to train for our long hike, not solely to hang out with each other. 2)no flirting with other people while actually on the date. She’s not particularly poly. I hope this doesn’t cause too much angst for her in the future. But I’m willing to agree to no flirting while actually on a date. 3)There has to be the possibility (not the obligation, just the possibility) that you will get lucky at the end of the night.

I asked her what the difference would be between a date and a pseudo-date and she said she hadn’t thought that far. We pondered what exactly the difference is between a girlfriend and a pseudo-girlfriend. I thought that it was the lack of long-term intentions, while she thought it was the lack of restrictions on who you could flirt with. Again with the not very poly thing. We will discuss in the future that it wouldn’t matter how many girlfriends I had, pseudo or otherwise, I will always consider myself free to flirt with other people. But I suppose this is why I don’t have a lot of long-term intentions with her. She wants something a little more traditional than I have to offer. That’s totally fine of course, just not where I want to go with my life. I know she understands that (since she knows I already have a primary partner), but I think she forgets and falls into a traditional pattern from time to time. I suppose this is why so many folks out there won’t date someone who isn’t already established as poly. But she’s so cute! πŸ™‚