Wow, what a great weekend so far. Had the day off work Friday to volunteer with a kid’s camp on Vashon Island. 5 hours of running around barefoot in the woods. We squished our toes in mud puddles, caught salamanders, newts, and frogs, pretended to be herons, deer, rabbits, and cougars.

Great kid quote for the day: “That’s about as sneaky as a half-quart of non-fat creamer.”

I got a bunch of great pictures of cute kids holding various amphibious lifeforms. Had a great time hanging out with all the beautiful Wilderness Awareness School instructors, all of whom I have a crush on.

When we were done, I rode my bicycle from the camp to the south end of the island (a beautiful ride), caught the ferry down to Tacoma, took the bus down to Dupont, where the most beautiful boy in the whole world picked me up and brought me to his house in Olympia. I spent 40 minutes in the shower trying to get all the sap out from between my toes. (This is one of the ways you can tell if you had a good time in the woods. If there is no sap between your toes when you get home, then you probably could have had a better time.)

Spent a fabulous night with a beautiful boy, and now we’re slowly getting ready to head out to the coast for a day of playing in the sand and throwing boomerangs. Life is just so damn good, I can hardly wrap my head around it.