Got a bunch of free organic, locally-grown produce from a friend at work today. Got off work and bicycled over to the pet store to get hay for the bunnies. On the way there, I pedaled past a weathered old man on the sidewalk singing “Yesterday” at the top of his lungs. It wasn’t beautiful, but I was inspired to join in on the “all my troubles seemed so far away” part as I bicycled by. We exchanged a smile.

Got to the pet store and chatted with the cute redhead behind the counter while buying the stuff. She was working on a knitting project. We chatted about bunnies and guinea pigs.

Left there and headed over to Top Pot Coffee Shop to check e-mail (no internet at home, free wireless at the coffee shop). Stopped outside to lock my bike and take off various sweater layers. Looked up at the sky at the sound of crows mobbing something just in time to see a bald eagle soar overhead. Perhaps the same one that I saw being politely escorted out of my sit spot by the resident hawks. That was just a few blocks from here, so I wonder how much territory a bald eagle uses up? This time the crows seemed to be mobbing the eagle (which didn’t surprise me) and the seagulls seemed to be mobbing the crows (which did surprise me). The eagle soared out of site behind the hill before I had a chance to confirm this impression.

Stepped inside the coffee shop to the sounds of Moby. Got the last rasberry old-fashioned donut (yum). Now we’re listening to some simple, ambient, beautiful woman’s voice. Not sure who it is, but I like it. It sounds like bedtime music for sleepy kinky grownups.

Man, sometimes my cup overfloweth.