Invited myself to sit with some folks that seemed interesting at lunch today (very out of character for me). Had a great conversation about Burning Man, poly family, intentional community, fetish, erotic art, jewish lesbians, Gertude Stein, and sleeping with your ex’s. They even knew what a yome was without having to explain. Crazy.

I gave them the 5 sentence summary of the past couple months in my life. They said, “Oh ya, you belong at this table.” One of the girls is a Scorpio/Scorpio/Taurus, just like P. Another just met the same jewish lesbian that I met a couple weeks ago. Turns out we are invited to the same party tomorrow night, and she lives a few blocks from me so she offered me a ride.

There’s been so much synchronicity going on in my life lately, makes me feel like I must be doing something right.