Woke up from a dream this morning in which I was reading an essay I had written. (Yes, these are the exciting dreams I have…I read essays. Although of course, I wasn’t actually reading, since one can’t read in a dream. But anyway, I was somehow grokking the printed text.) Just as I was about to realize that it’s not possible to read in a dream (which is the trigger that usually works to turn a dream lucid) I decided to put it down, since I wanted to be able to write the essay in real life when I woke up. Dream logic I guess, since now that I haven’t read the whole essay in the dream, I don’t know what it said and can’t write it down while I’m awake. But I remember the premise, which was interesting.

I was wondering if the local Natives felt betrayed by the land itself when they started being forced out by homesteaders and traders. If the Natives saw themselves as in a primary relationship with the land that they lived with, were they surprised that the land would support other less respectful partners just as well? Did they have to change their whole perception of a recipriocal relationship with land? I mean, if you spend years courting and learning about and living with someone, and you think you have something special, and then you find out that she’ll give it up to just about anyone, whether they ask nicely or not, does that change your perception of your relationship?

But I woke up before I came up with any good answers.