〈         long, pointy fake finger nails–clear, blood red, or green
〈         a longbow, at least 5 feet tall. Doesn’t need to be functional, just look like a bow.
〈         A quiver with arrows, preferably with feathers
〈         soft leather scraps, big enough to fashion a very rough bikini top and loincloth
〈         a headband with a crescent moon on it (I can probably just make one of these)
〈         a sexy push-up bra–36C or so
〈         tight, short skirt–size 16 or so
〈         a twirling baton
〈         fangs, but not the really big fake ones. some that would be obvious, but that I could close my mouth over
〈         a black scarf big enough to wrap over my head and cover my hair, kind-of like a burka. not silk or anything shiny.
〈         cute bunny ears on a headband, think playboy bunny, not Bugs Bunny
〈         a pink fur-like coat or fur-trimmed robe, preferably barely thigh length
〈         work shirt and head scarf like Rosie the Riveter
〈         a nose ring (my nose is pierced, but I don’t have any rings anymore)
〈         a microscope, doesn’t need to work, just needs to look like a microscope
〈         ankle-length jean skirt, not flattering. The kind with the 6-inch wide ruffle of jean material along the bottom hem. Think bad early 70s. size 16 or so.
〈         ankle socks with that little ball on the heel to keep it from sliding into your shoe
〈         a particular sweatshirt from the 70’s. It’s pastel, probably blue or yellow, with a rainbow that goes up one arm and across the chest. There were a lot of them back in the day.
〈         a monocle
〈         an earpiece and mic, think Secret Service. doesn’t need to work.
〈         two different types of sexy heels with the same height so that I can wear one of each at the same time. preferably radically different colors. Size 9 or 10.
〈         a conductor’s baton, think orchestra
〈         baseball bat
〈         baggy jeans, size 18 or bigger
〈         oversize metal band t-shirt, faded x-large or bigger, preferably black. Metallica, Guns-n-Roses, something like that.
〈         cowboy hat, nice or beat-up. I don’t remember what size I wear, but I have a big head.