So I’ve been teaching myself how to sing. It’s been slow-going, and I haven’t put a lot of time into it, but every once in a while I get all motivated. So I’ve been learning “Everybody’s Talkin'” for a while. I thought I had it down pretty close and I wanted to hear what it sounded like recorded. So I hooked up the laptop and the record function and decided to have a go at it. But I was a little intimidated to just sing it out by myself, so I thought I would put the song on the Walkman headphones so I could have that to guide me as I sang. Got all set up, hit play on the Walkman and Record on the laptop and belted it out. Was feeling pretty good about the whole situation.

But then I played back the recording. How is it possible that I sounded so bad!!??

So I tried it again without the headphones, just singing it out as best as I could remember it. Still not ready for the stage or anything, but way better. I don’t even have the song completely memorized, and it sounded better alone than trying to sing along to the headphones.

So from this little experiment I have learned that, no matter how tempting, I should not let a little hum escape my lips while listening to my headphones at the gym. And more experimenting is in order before I decide whether or not it is safe to sing along with the radio while someone else is in the car. I’m not sure whether the problem is with the headphones or with trying to sing along to something else entirely.