I realized today that I have a tendency to quit my job when I meet new romantic interests. Perhaps this time I will work on finding a new more interesting job before I quit the old one. Was thinking about why this pattern might exist. I think life becomes so much more interesting when I have a new romance, that it really highlights how uninteresting and fake most jobs are. I mean really, would the world be much affected if I didn’t show up for work? No, it would not. How can I spend so much time doing something so unimportant when I could be doing something that actually affects my world, like building stairs or learning to play the violin or figuring out how to make someone new orgasm in 4 minutes flat?

I think I’m getting sick. I’ve been denying it for days. Am planning to leave work, bike home, eat something, go get my hair cut, go to the grocery store to stock up on bunny supplies for the long weekend, check my e-mail on the way home, and crash early. This would not be a good time to get sick.