Barista: And how was your weekend? Fabulous like usual? [she asks me every week]
Me: Fabulous!
Barista: You down in Yelm again?
Me: Yes, most weekends it seems like. But this weekend they’re coming up for the Solstice Parade, so I’ll get to see them up here.
Barista: The Solstice Parade? Is that the one with the naked people?
Me: I think so. You mean the naked bicycle people? I haven’t been before, but I think that’s the one.
Barista: Okay, ya. Cuz I’m only interested in a parade if there’s going to be naked people in it.
Me: Right, I agree. Except the Pride parade doesn’t actually have naked people, and I still like it.
Barista: I think that if you’re naked except for feathers, it still counts as naked. So the Pride Parade counts as a cool parade.