Lots of vivid dreams last night. Dreamt about learning to play the violin (a recurring but always fleeting goal of mine). Various flashes of being chased by a grizzly bear, trying to barricade behind various walls and doors, one vivid image of trying to hold a thin plywood plank against a door opening while the grizzly uses snout and paw to pull the wood away from me and towards himself to open the door, could see each tooth and each whisker on his nose, but he never quite got me.

Various flashes of sex scenes with a lesbian friend of mine (happens infrequently but regularly, just now wondering if there’s some sort of pattern…she dreams about me occasionally too).

A longish dream with the same friend where she finds the keys left in a tractor outside of an apartment we live in. Tractor is snowed over, but she turns the key to see if it will start. It’s evening, after dusk, cold. Tractor starts, but she turns it off again. Tractor diesels even after the key is removed. It diesels so much that it actually restarts itself without the key. We can’t figure out how to turn it off, since it’s already off. Amy starts taking apart the fuel lines and blowing all the fuel out of them and putting them back on hoping to starve it of gas (don’t know why she didn’t just leave them off). When that isn’t working, we realize that because of the snow, a pin in the fuel pump is frozen open, so the gas supply can’t be shut off. We see a police car a few blocks away and we are worried that we will be accused of trying to steal the tractor. We scrape the snow and ice off the fuel pump and use our breath to thaw the pin. The pin thaws, the gas flow stops, and the tractor dies before the police car gets to us. The police car turns down a different street before it gets to our street, so we realize that we wouldn’t have been in trouble anyway.