Front Living Room window. That’s Hwy 101 in the front yard.
Living Room Windows, south wall.
Bedroom I wonder what’s behind the wood paneling. Other than about a bazillion spiders, that is.
My sewing room
Kitchen, underexposed, but you can get a sense of it. Preston says there is plenty of room for a table and chairs in here. He guesses it’s a little bigger than my current living room.
Wood Stove Room An odd little room behind the kitchen.
Preston in front of the garage
Cool Lights, there are a few of these throughout the house.
Just one of the piles of crap,
Backyard, Dirtbike Shop, and some more crap, The trees that you see at the edge of the yard are the beginning of thousands of acres of timber land.
Outbuilding Preston is calling this his office, since it’s right next door to the dirtbike shop.