So we’re waiting to actually have the check in our hands before we do anything rash, but Preston went to look at this house today, and it’s looking pretty good. We have a real estate agent who’s opinion we trust. She drove out from Port Angeles with Preston to take a look at the place. She said it looked like a good deal to her. It’s definitely a fixer, and I’m dying to see the pictures they took while they were there. Preston says that in addition to the 1000+ sq ft house and the 350+ sq ft there’s two additional shop outbuildings, one about 200 sq ft and the other one a smaller shed type unit attached to the garage. There’s also about 200 sq ft of covered parking, like for an RV or something.

It needs a serious cleaning right now, since it’s been empty for around a year. Besides just being empty in the rainforest, the previous owners left a lot of crap in the garage and back yard. Preston said that we could probably fill every cubic inch of the biggest u-haul truck with the various refridgerator parts, dead ranges, and general crap and take it to the dump. If we decide to make an offer, we’ll include that as a bargaining chip. There is also no information abuot the state of the water supply or the septic system, so any offer we made would be contingent on the inspection and approval of those two systems.

It’s also got single-pane windows and it’s essentially wood-heated (it also has baseboard heat, but I would guess that it’s not very efficient). And the one last negative point is that it’s right on Hwy 101. Would require some definite privacy and sound screening. But the back yard is plenty big for an expansive garden. I found satellite photos online and the area is pretty much perfect. It’s about 25 minutes from the ocean either at LaPush or at Oil City (northwest or southwest). There are about a dozen houses in a little cluster right on the highway surrounded by thousands and thousands and thousands of acres of forest. It’s a couple miles up the Bogachiel River from the property to the Olympic National Park boundary (totally walkable). And also about 10 miles from the Hoh River and the main west entrance to the Park.

So, with the exception of it’s proximity to the highway, everything else that’s wrong with it is fixable, and there are a lot of things that are really awesome about it, including the price.