So I’ve known for a while that someone regularly feeds the birds (pigeons, crows, and house sparrows) a block away down the allley from me, since I see them there in the same place on the asphalt eating crumbs on my way to work every day. But this morning she must have been running late. As I was leaving the house, heading to the coffee shop, this morning, I heard a couple of crows giving the begging call loudly and insistently. I stopped and watched them for a few minutes. They are definitely juveniles, judging from the really disheveled look, and the tufts of baby feathers still sticking out all over the place. But they are full-sized and could fly (although very clumsily). I didn’t see any parent coming by, although I didn’t wait long enough to confirm who they were begging for.

So I walk up the alley to the spot where the birds always get fed, and there’s no birds there. I hear a car driving up the alley behind me, and I look around. There is this lady in a cream-colored KarmenGhia driving up the alley, streaming a whole flock of pigeons, sparrows, and crows. They obviously know the car, as they are staying right up with it, almost landing on the roof and hood. She gets to the spot where they usually get fed, and dumps a bag of bread crumbs out the window. The pigeons jump on it and crowd out any of the other birds, including the crows, who all sort of stand around the edges looking forlorn for a minute. But then the car starts down the road again, and the crows keep following it, flying right along-side. The car drives one block up the street and turns into the next alley, where the crows follow. They were out of sight for a minute while I walked up there. By the time I got there, the car was driving away and the crows were all making away with some prize or another in their beaks, so I don’t know what she dropped for them, but obviously something.

Quite a vision to see a cream-colored karmenGhia driving up the road, flanked by a dozen screaming crows. Sometimes I really like this town.