Russell: Do you know how to swing?
DeAnna shrugs.
Russell: Oh, of course you know how, you’re from Montana. Okay, ready? I’m leading.
(a few measures)
Russell: No, no no. I’m leading.
DeAnna: Oops sorry.
(a few measures. Russell starts to execute a complicated spin that DeAnna thinks she knows)
Russell: No, no, no. *I’m* leading.
DeAnna: Oops, sorry, sorry. I’m used to being a dyke, I get confused.

Richard singing his own punk version of Pour Some Sugar On Me on the living room karaoke machine.

Talking with Jen late in the night about the changes in her life in the last few years.

Anna and Richard (Drama club officers in high school) butchering Love Shack.

Sitting around the fire pit with Patrick and Chadd. No talking, just a sense of comfort with people who know you on a fundamental level, even if they don’t know much about your daily dramas.

“Look, Jen, a wectanguwar camera!”

So many flashing images of laughing so hard I can’t catch my breath.

30 minutes talking exclusively in fake accents with Richard as part of a drinking game.

“Ya Jen, you are loud. It’s like your demodulator is broken.”

The huge smile on Chadd’s face as he walked out onto the back porch and saw us all there. Just that made the whole trip totally worth it.

Chadd falling asleep in his chair by firelight.

The realization the Richard and I don’t have big debates anymore because we pretty much agree about everything.

Patrick and Andrea singing the soundtrack from Cats together.

Richard and I sitting on the back deck of Nathan’s brand new house, trying to convince Patrick that investing time and energy in intentional community is a far more secure retirement plan than investing money in the stock market.

Realizing that none of us knows how to say anything in a Jamaican accent if it isn’t an actual quote from a Marley song.

Richard and I singing our old Judas solo from New Song choir tour in the car on the way out of Bozeman.

Richard driving around Coeur d’Alene with the sole aim of finding a sign that starts with the letter “q”.