Looks like it official. Unless something goes horribly wrong between Preston and I in the next two weeks, I will be giving 4 weeks notice to my boss on July 25th. I’ll also give notice when I pay rent for August that I’ll be moving out the end of August.

This timing works out well for lots of reasons, but one of them is that my sister is moving up here mid-August. She’s planning to stay at my place through the end of August, whic means that there will be someone there to feed the bunnies and water the plants while I’m doing the house hunt in Olympia for the last two weeks of August and still doing the commute.

I’ll plan to take the first couple weeks of September off and not really worry too much about finding a job at first. I need to put in some volunteer time with some things that I’m interested in doing in order to get a little experience and do some networking. Right now my resume screams “administrative coordinator” or “report writer”, which is not what I want to do. So I need to hook up with some sort of community ag programs, perhaps do some time with one of the local CSAs, maybe some kid’s day camp programs in the area. So if any of you down in the area knows who I should be getting in touch with, let me know.

I’ve been talking with a couple folks lately who have pointed out that I have a fairly diverse range of skills, and surely there are some parents out there somewhere who would like to have someone with tutoring experience, technical skills, a degree in English, and wilderness skills hang out with their kid, for a few hours a week or a few hours a day, in some sort of nanny/companion sort of situation. Of course, the trick is to find the parents who want such a person *and* who can afford to pay for it, and then convince them that I am the person they want. But I’m sort of putting out the intent and seeing what happens with it. And if anyone knows someone who would be interested in such a situation but *doesn’t* have the money to pay for it, keep in mind that I’ve got the first couple weeks of September set aside for volunteer work. I’d be happy to do something like that in exchange for a reference.

I am so totally excited to be giving my notice at this job. I get to spend all next week working at the kid’s day camp at Seward Park, and then my first day back at this job I’ll give my notice. I was really ready for a change, and moving to Olympia really feels like a good thing, even if there aren’t a lot of completely logical reasons for it. Sometimes logic is over-rated.