Have been contemplating various crazy moves lately. After some preliminary discussions with Preston, it appears that a move to Olympia may be in my near future. A move to Olympia would be financially irresponsible, does not get me any closer to any of my stated goals, and involves quitting my job for no good reason.

On the plus side, it gets me closer to most of the people in my life that I care deeply for, it has positive effects on my relationship with Preston, and it gives me an excuse to quit my job. At least at first glance, the plusses outweigh the negatives in my mind. Preston and I will discuss further, but he seems to be all for it after the initial proposal.

If we decide to go for it, I would give 4 weeks notice on July 25th. That means that I would move to Olympia at the end of August. I would be really stoked to get out of the city. I’m glad I got to do my swinging single city girl thing for a while, but I’m pretty bored with it now. Preston saw twin fawns on his walk home from school yesterday. I saw a traffic jam on I-5. Ya, it’s time for me to leave.