So my friend Amy moved out and back in with her girlfriend. I’m not sure how that is going, since we haven’t had a chance to talk at length. But it seems to be okay. I went to her office in Pioneer Square to borrow her copy of the latest Harry Potter, and met all of her crazy co-workers, who I had heard stories about. They are indeed as quirky as the stories make them sound.

So then I spent the next two days reading Harry Potter, and the two days since then in post-HP depression. WTF is up with that Danielle Steele ending?

And now I’m trying to be serious about packing. I have 8 boxes packed, and I figure that’s about a quarter of the stuff that needs to go in boxes. (Ya, that’s one of the benefits of living in a Vary Small Apartment, I don’t have much stuff). Things would be going much faster if I wasn’t limited to carrying boxes home on my bicycle. I can only get a few at a time. If I had unlimited access to boxes, I think I would be able to get everything packed in a day or two. But I’m still not too stressed, since I have two weeks before I need to be out completely. P and I are taking a load down this weekend, and then plan to have the final move done by next weekend. That gives me a few days to just get the final cleaning done on the apartment. It’s hardwood floors and is basically just one big box, so I’m tempted to see if I can just hose the whole thing down when I’ve got it empty 🙂