I was reading back over my posts from the weekend, and realized that that last one sounds sort of ominous, what with all the machete sharpening and circling vultures. But the day itself was fabulous. The only sad thing was having to leave and drive back to Seattle. We put in a couple hours clearing blackberries from the trail. Still no sign of the creek, although we are well past the spring. Next weekend, I want to try a subsidiary trail that branches off downhill before the spring. Surely the deer know how to get to the creek without using a machete.

I’ve also been looking at topo maps online, using this very cool website, and I don’t see the creek on it. The closest creek is probably a mile away, which makes me wonder if the creek the owner refers to on the property is just a seasonal thing. Lots to explore in the next nine months…

Sunday afternoon we decided to try the back route from the new place to Tacoma, where Preston dropped me off at the bus to get back to my Seattle apartment. The back route takes Hwy 508 east to Hwy 7 at Morton. Then heads north on 7 all the way to Hwy 512. It took about 2 hours to get from our front door to the 512 park and ride at I-5. That’s about the same amount of time it would take going via I-5, if I-5 was flowing. On a Sunday evening, it could take twice as long as that, so we were glad to know the back way.

We didn’t have time to check out Morton much, but it looks like a cool old redneck town. We missed the Logger’s Jamboree last week. That’s where the closest feed store seems to be, as well as the closest decent grocery store and a couple restaurants. It’s about 20 miles from home. Also, on the way from home to Morton, we passed some signs to what appears to be a local motocross track. Preston got that glazed over look and started trying to figure out how he could get his ’01 YZ250 home from Boise in the back of a Miata. We need to check into the track a bit more and see if it’s open to the public, or what you have to do to get access.

Next weekend is the big move, probably sunday afternoon. Can’t wait.