Was eating my vanilla bean yogurt and a granola bar for breakfast in the back yard, when a little spike buck wandered by. I was talking to him, so he knew I was there, but he wasn’t the least bit concerned. He wandered around in the grass under the apple trees 10 feet from me for a couple minutes. Then he seemed to get a whif of my vanilla bean yogurt and was quite interested in it. Odd for a deer to have acquired a taste for vanilla bean yogurt, but P’s roommate points out that they are sort of Olympia’s giant rats, so who knows what he could have acquired a taste for. He was getting close enough to me that I was telling him that he better back off. He started getting kinda snooty about it (damn teenagers), so I eventually jumped and scared him away. (Did you know that the majority of serious harm caused to humans by a wild animal is caused by buck deer? “but they look so *cute*!”)

But yes, I did leave him a handful of berries at the mouth of the trail he took through the brambles at the edge of the yard. I thought about leaving a couple berried covered in vanilla bean yogurt, but decided that is probably an acquired taste I shouldn’t encourage.

As far as leaving berries for the redtails, I’m not sure where the nest is…you know how that sound can carry. My semi-random guess, from the sound of the calls, is that it’s a few blocks away. P tells me that one of the adults flies over here regularly, and P even saw him take a shrew out of the yard once. I haven’t seen that adult, but I guess the same one has been nesting around here for years. He’s recognizable by a missing left primary. When P first told me about it, I thought he meant that he was just molting, but the people who have lived in this house for years say the hawk has always been missing that same feather. I look forward to making his acquaintance one of these days.

But yes , thank you for the reminder that if I want to be engaged in the natural world, I have to keep the 2-way communication and thanksgiving flowing.