Woke up briefly this morning, long enough to see that the sky out of the picture window was pink, but promptly fell back asleep. The living room windows face east. By the time we woke up for real the sky had clouded over. It’s just now starting to clear and the sun is coming out.

The turkey vultures have been out in force over the valley. They’re circling, but don’t seem to be landing. But I also hear a lot of commotion down the hill to the south, where I can’t see anything. It sounds like crows and turkey vultures, and I wonder what they’ve found. the crows started calling loudly from down there around 9:30 this morning. Preston is working on sharpening a machete, and then we’ll head down the trail and see what we can see. I don’t have a good sense of how far sound travels in this valley, so I’m not sure if we will get as far as the crow/vulture convention, but we are planning to head down and see if we can find the path to the creek.

I’ve been lax about closing the door behind me, until this morning when I was standing out on the deck with the door cracked. From behind me, I watched a little chipmunk scurry right up to the door and stick his little nose in the crack, sniffing for the bacon that Preston was starting for dinner. I chased the little guy off, and decided that I’ll try to remember to close the door behind me. We’ll have to get screens sometime.

The songbirds were just incredible this morning. i sat on the porch watching them for an hour or so. If I had been up earlier, i would have sat for even longer. There’s an incredible diversity here, and I realize how much I’ve been missing in the city. From my apartment, I mostly only saw house sparrow, pigeons, and crows. Maybe an occasional house finch and some seagulls passing by. This morning, I saw far more than I know the names for. There’s a little yellow bird in the cedar at the NE corner of the porch, either a female goldfinch or some kind of yellow warbler. I really wish I had remembered my binoculars on this trip. There is a large gang of Stellar’s Jays, and also possibly some grey jays, although I need to see them again to be sure. I don’t think I even saw any starlings.

Well, Preston has finished up the best he can do with the machete (it’s in pretty sad shape, but it was free) so we’re going to go have a look what we can do with our blackberry path.