Here I sit, in my new house, surrounded by boxes and boxes of crap. Who knew that preston and I had so much stuff? And how did we ever fit into our tiny apartments? Preston had about 200 sq feet, and I had 450 sq feet. We are now moving into a place that’s about 720 sq feet, and we can’t fit most of our stuff in here and had to put box after box into the storage shed. Huh. But I suppose I’ll be surprised how much I’ll be able to fit in here after i start putting things away. Right now, there are a few kitchen things and a few bathroom things put away, but most things are stacked in the pile-o-boxes in the living room. As Preston has just so elequently put it, “I bet this place will coze up nicely.”

We are right on schedule for the moving plan. Tomorrow, we just take the rental truck back to Olympia, clean Preston’s room, and we’re *done*. Whoo-hoo!

The bunnies are settling in nicely. They have the walk-in closet to themselves for right now. I want to keep them in sort of a small space right now, while they get used to the new space. You know, make sure they remember to use the litterbox and all. But once they’ve proven themselves on that score, i can’t wait to let them out to see them run all around the house, now that we have carpet all over. Let the bunny races begin! 🙂