Preston and I were moving in to a big old castle, with ghosts. But first, there was a big block party downtown. It was outside and public, but also a little kinky, so I ended up at the party wearing only a little t-shirt and underwear. It started getting late and I wanted to head home, but I had to walk. The walk took much longer than I thought it would and it started getting dark. I didn’t want to be out after dark in only a t-shirt and underwear, so I started to take a shortcut. I didn’t get very far before I realized that I was in the bad part of town. I changed my mind about the shortcut, and decided to turn around. But that classic dream thing happened where the way back was way longer than the way in.

I was walking and walking and walking on this dirt road and I could see the gate that I was trying to reach at the end of this long dirt road, but it was a long ways away. Eventually, I was crawling along this dirt road. As I crawled along, I saw that up ahead on the left were a group of boys playing basketball. There was a court there with streetlights set up so they could play after dark. I didn’t want them to see me crawling, so I tried to stand up, but could only get up as far as my knees, so I was sort of shuffling along the ground on my knees. It was full dark, and I didn’t want them to know that I was white, but the light from their streetlights kept falling through the trees and highlighting my hair (which was very red in the dream).

I suddenly traveled a significant distance all at once, and found myself going over a bridge that was next to the basketball court. There were three guys under the bridge talking. One of them was trying to intimidate me, while pretending that he didn’t notice I was there. He was saying to the other guys, “You know I used to have a gun.” One of the others said, slightly mocking, “Oh ya, how come you don’t have one now?” The original guy, “Because I *shot* someone it, that’s why!” The third guy snorts, “Whatever man. You didn’t shoot no one. They took it away from you because you *tried* to shoot someone with it, but you kept *missing*. Fired 5 shots and still didn’t hit anything with it. That’s why they took it away from you.” All that time I’m trying to creep by, but the bragging guy jumps out at me, yelling, “Ya, well I still have these!” and he starts flicking Chinese yo-yos at me, one in each hand. It’s hilarious in retrospect, but in the dream it was annoying and slightly intimidating.

The guys father hears the commotion and comes out of the house with a real gun, and looks mad. I’m on the far side of the bridge, but am exhausted and am just sitting on the ground in the dirt. The father starts acting aggressive like he’s thinking of shooting me. I say, “Please sir. I’m just tired and cold, and I want to go home.” He feels bad for me, but he doesn’t want to lose face in front of the boys, so he’s acting very aggressive. He keys in on my shirt for some reason, which is just a regular t-shirt and acts like it’s the shirt that is really offensive. He tells me that I should just get out of there, and if they ever see that shirt in their neighborhood again, they’ll burn it off me. But he has himself worked up so much about the shirt that he decides I need a different shirt. Even in the dream context, that seemed weird. Her goes back into his house and comes out with this long-sleeved, heavyweight t-shirt, all folded neatly and smelling clean. It’s a cream color, with this beautiful graphic on the front that’s sort of a surreal combination of an eye and a sunset. It says, “Experience Life” on it. The whole experience was emotionally overwhelming, and I start to cry. That makes me start to cry in real life, which wakes me up.

And now you know why I don’t keep a dream journal. It would take me an hour a day just to write them down.