And now the most exciting news! I’m posting this from home. Yes, I made it almost exactly one month without internet access, and then we broke down and signed up for dial-up. It’s actually not as slow as I remembered, and will work fine for job hunting, which is what we really need it for. We decided that, while it’s kinda spendy, it’s cheaper than a subscription to every local newspaper on the west coast.

So, I’m accessible again, although, fair warning, I am very much in hermit mode, and I spend a lot more time skulking around in the bushes than I do inside typing e-mails. Don’t expect any of the long missives that I used to write while bored and stuck at my desk.

Speaking of which, the sun has just come out, after a foggy morning, and I can see the Stellar’s Jays playing in the cedars outside my window. I bet it’s warmer out there than it is in here now. I’m off to play in the woods.