I was so glad for Preston to come home last night. By the time he got here, I was pretty darn positive that it was indeed bats I was hearing in the ceiling, and I was also pretty darn sure that I had heard one chew through the ceiling and flap down into the cupboard where the dishes are. Eeek! I’m not the kind of girl who normally says things like Eeek, but I think bats coming through the ceiling qualifies. So we just avoided opening the cupboards (which are all connected, so it could have been in any of them) until this morning. Then Preston opened up each one and looked behind the cereal boxes and everything. (Sometimes, boys really are awesome.) He didn’t find the bat, but we did find the bat-sized hole in the ceiling in the back corner of the dish cupboard. I don’t really know what to do about that. And now that I look around, I see patched holes in the ceiling in various places that are also about bat-sized. So I suppose we need to patch up that hole, but it seems likely that they will just chew through somewhere else. Perhaps this is an issue for the landlord, although I hesitate to tell him about it for fear he will do something horrible to the bats. I like having bats around the property, and really, I don’t even mind if they live in the roof, as long as they don’t come in the house. So in the meantime, we’ll be washing our dishes before we use them, and standing back from the cupboards every time we open them.