I’ve been working on re-acclimating to my natural sleep schedule, after having been on the unnatural work schedule for a couple years. I’m trying to just follow my body’s intuition and sleep when I’m tired. This has led to approximately 3-hour shifts. I went to sleep last night at 7pm, went back to bed at 12:30am, again at 4am, and woke up at 6am. then i slept again today from 1:30pm to 4 or so. It’s now 10:30 and my body can’t decide if it’s tired or not. If I was in familiar surroundings, I’d go to bed, but I’m not yet tired enough to sleep through all the unfamiliar sounds here. There are things living in the roof and the walls, and probably under the deck as well. I assume the things in the roof are bats, and the things in the walls are mice, but the knowledge that neither of these things is dangerous to me while I’m sleeping peacefully in my bed does not seem to make it any less creepy when I’m sitting here by myself in the middle of the night.

Preston is off at the Longhouse with a friend until tomorrow morning. I am determined not to be stressed out about the animals in the walls, and to that end I keep telling myself that the worst case scenario is that I will have to go the next 12 hours without sleep until Preston gets home. 12 hours without sleep really isn’t that big a deal. I have 150+ pictures in my To Be Corrected file, and those alone would probably take me 12 hours, so it’s not like I have any excuse to be bored.

But I started this with the intent to talk about my first full day here. Despite my crankiness, it’s been a great day. I woke up at 6am (mostly due to the bunnies tromping up and down the hallway…they are so excited to have carpet!). I grabbed a blanket and sat in the porch swing for about an hour and listened to the birds wake up, watching the sun rise over Mt. St Helens (which steamed all day). Here’s the sequence I heard this morning:
a little after 6am—Ravens wake up and start conversating.
By 6:30, they are loud enough that I can hear the ravens on the surrounding hillsides. they are also waking up the song birds, who start some half hearted chirping.
6:45–Ravens from all the surrounding areas start congregating in the bottom of the valley. There is a creek down there, and I believe I can hear a cattle ranch also. At around the same time, the turkey vultures start circling also.
7am—The ravens are mostly gone from the hillsides, and the songbirds go back to sleep. There is quiet, except for the occasional late-rising raven, and the sound of the ravens in the valley.
7:30 or so–the songbirds start waking up for real.
By 8am, the songbirds are fully awake and active, flying around, and the juncos have even started kicking about in the leaf litter a little bit.

I spent most of the morning unpacking the living room. I have everything done except three boxes that go on the desk. the desk is still in Preston’s room, because it goes where the couch currently is in the kitchen. The couch goes in preston’s room. i’m not sure whey we got them backwards when we were unloading the moving truck, but whatever. i need to wait for preston to get home so he can help me move them around. i also suspect that there’s a box or two of books missing somewhere, as I’ve only filled one bookshelf, and i’m pretty sure we had more books than that. Perhaps those are in preston’s room also.

All the time that I was unpacking, i let the bunnies have free range in the living room and hallway. They are so excited to have so much room to play. They spent the morning exploring and they would get so excited that they would just jump up in the air every now and then. They are so cute!

Real time Interruption: Just got a phone call from Preston, He’s ready to come home early, so he should be here around 1am. I can certainly stay up that long! But he has to check with his friend first, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. End interruption.

After I got as far as I could get on the living room, I threw in some laundry (so exciting to have our own washer and dryer again, even if it is only cold water) and went to check our new mailbox. Preston created this crazy Dr. Suess mailbox out of some piece of machinery he found in the shed. I wanted to make sure it was still standing (it was) and see if the mail lady had left us the paperwork that she said she would leave (she hadn’t). The dog in the dog run next door is getting friendlier, but still won’t come all the way over to the fence to say hello. But at least he has downgraded to just a couple of barks.

Somewhere in there, I took a break for breakfast, which I ate naked on the porch while watching Mt. St. Helens change as the sun moved.

Started with Day 1 of the Kamana 1 program. The morning session was just reading, and trying out a “trigger”, something that happens to you 10 to 15 times a day that will remind you to do something.

After that came my nap. Naps are great! I’m trying to learn from the bunnies, who nap every day from 10am to 9pm or so.

I spent the rest of the afternoon clearing blackberries from the trail, and picking berries. I picked enough black berries that I was able to separate them into three serving sizes and freeze two of them. So exciting to have wildcrafted stuff in my freezer, even if it is just blackberries. I’m back to being unsure about the bear scat. All the information I found online made it sound like it was probably bear. But I finally unpacked my Elbroch book today and looked at his descriptions. According to him, deer scat can be everything from those little pellets everyone recognizes, to very loose amorphous stuff. So it could be just regular old deer scat. The trail is definitely used by deer. The only question that remains in my mind is the size of the path through the blackberries, when it gets too small for me to go through it. It’s much shorter and wider than a deer. More research to be done.

I didn’t want to go back up through the blackberries again, so found a much smaller, less distinct deer trail up the north fenceline. I’m glad to have found that one, since it’s a more direct route to the firepit/spring, and also has a lot fewer blackberries to deal with. I discovered a holly stand down there, and I wonder if Preston would be interested in harvesting it to make stuff out of the wood. If we could clear it out of there, I’d feel good about that.

Spent some time this evening doing the evening session of Kamana 1. Feels good to finally be officially started on that.

And that brings us to now, when I am waiting to hear from Preston to know if he will be here at 1am or at noon.

One last interesting note: More than 48 hours since my last caffeine and no headache. Can this be? Is it possible that I had enough caffeine in my system that I just haven’t got the headache yet, but it’s still coming? I hesitate to celebrate just yet, but it would be cool if I’ve managed to detox without the pain.