A great down-home country sort of a day. Woke up and after a little messing around with the animals (Mom has high-maintenance pets, all of them darlings), we spent an hour or so weeding the greenhouse. Good feeling to have some dirt time. Mom has some amazing beans, tomatoes, and tomatillos growing in there. Went for a walk around the perimeter of Mom’s property, through some barley stubblefields. The landscape here is pretty amazing, and I forget in between visits. I can’t stand it for more than a couple days, but it’s breathtaking anyway.

We fed the horses, moved some various things out of the garage, spent 20 minutes or so trying to figure out how to get the rototiller to roll without actually turning it on (you have to take apart the wheels and put them back together a different way). We picked beans to can tomorrow, and generally dinked around doing various little odd ranchette projects.

We had a little scare when we thought that Duke, the new dog, had run off one of the cats. She hadn’t been around since this morning, and she wouldn’t normally miss a meal. So we went walking through the stubblefield calling her, only to return and find her in the garage.