No explanation necessary

Preston has been putting a lot of work into updating his room before he moves into it. I don’t have the “after” pictures yet, but here are some of the progress.

Preston working on the drywall on the ceiling, and geared up for installing insulation. A few days after he was finished with this, he was working on the window and commented that he wished we had come across a skylight or something on Freecycle, since that would be really cool in there. I pointed out that he was already half way there, if he had just left that sheetrock panel off.

While we were waiting for the next step, Preston had his friend Melissa out to help him stain the loft bed before we put it back together in his room.
Our landlord offered us a window, which the room desperately needed (among many other things). He came out to help us out with the first few steps, which ended up being quite the day. He doesn’t believe in measuring things, so we just held the window up to the wall and traced it. Then he and Preston took hammers to the wall, prying out the sheetrock and the framing. Preston spent the day alternating between amusement and distress at Tom’s construction techniques.

Fortunately, Tom was only there to help us out with the deconstruction part of the process, and so Preston finished framing up the window quite nicely the next day.

Somewhere inbetween all that, I fit in a weekend trip to visit my Mom’s house in Montana. she lives out on the plains. In the picture here, her house is the closer green patch in the center of the picture. The closer buildings to the right are her nearest neighbors. It’s big and flat there, beautiful in its way. She also has a new cat who looks quite sweet in this picture, but is really a Bad Seed. He’s nice to humans, but terrorizes all other living things, including the dog, who is terrified of him.

And I think that catches me up to now. Tonight is my first night alone in the new house (the night of the bat story doesn’t count, since Preston came home late that night). Preston is with a friend in Canada for the night, so I have the place to myself. I’ve accomplished quite a lot, considering that I took a 4-hour nap in the middle of the day. I decided that now that Preston and I share a place, and that means I have to eat healthy most of the time, I would take advantage of his absence tonight. So I had Rosemary and Olive Oil Trisquits with colby-jack cheese for dinner. For dessert right after i finish writing this, I will either have mint oreos and milk or Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Or maybe both if I can’t decide.

Then the only thing left on my list that must be accomplished today is to wipe down the lower half of the door in the bunny room with diluted Tabasco. I have to figure out a way to keep them restricted at night, without them chewing through absolutely every wall they can reach. In the past, Tabasco has worked on small spots to keep them from chewing, so I’m going to try the dilute version and see if I can just close the door to their room at night. This is Plan B, after spending the last two nights listening to them trying to chew through the metal gate I was using to lock them in. The gate was in no danger, but it was really freaking loud. I figure if I have to Tabasco something, I might as well just use the door to the room, which is easier to manuever than the portable kennel gates.