Sometimes it pays to have a sexy boyfriend. The PUD here wants proof that you paid your utilities on time for the last 12 months in order to waive the $200(!) deposit to get the utilities turned on. I’ve never even heard of such a crazy deposit. And we paid our Seattle City Light bill late in November. But the nice overworked lady, with too much make-up and a cross on her necklace, told Preston that she would waive the deposit as long as we promised to pay on time. It’s nice to live in a place where they make personalized exceptions. And it’s nice that I have Preston to take care of these things, since I was cranky and probably would have been bitchy to the woman, and she would have made me pay 200 bucks.

The nice man at the hardware store recognized us from our one visit a few days ago and was very friendly. We forgot to take back the machete though (having realized that it didn’t come any sharper than the one we already have, which was the whole reason for purchasing one).

Then we were sitting on a bench on a downtown (which is about 3 blocks long, on one street) sidewalk, trying to pirate some wireless. This funny old man walked by and said, “You shouldn’t make love in public, you know.” And I told him we would try not to. We’re pretty sure it was the same guy who yelled at us for jaywalking when we were at the farmer’s market a few days ago. Gotta love the small-town weirdos. But we couldn’t get a strong enough wireless connection to get access (there was a connection there, and we could get into it, but the signal was too weak).

Also discovered a very nice feed/farm store that carries rabbit food. It’s nowhere near as good quality as the stuff I was getting at the BLRRFH, but I guess the bunnies will have to get used to it. I don’t think I can afford to get the stuff shipped to me. I also got pine pellets for the litterbox, since that was the only kind they had that was compostable, but now I don’t remember if pine is one of those things that you’re not supposed to use for small mammal litter. Something to add to the list to look up whenever I get an internet connection. For now, I’m mixing it with their old litter, in hopes that it won’t be too bad for them.

Tomorrow we’re doing a shopping trip in Morton, where there is an official internet coffee shop. It’s not free, but it’s only 10 cents a minute, and I’m ready to have an e-mail fix as soon as possible. And after 3 days without coffee, and no headache, I’m feeling like I might even splurge and have myself a fabulous chai tea while I’m there.