I’m trying to switch my schedule over to nights, since I will be working until sometime around midnight tomorrow night. So I’ve been uploading and updating my photography website tonight. If anyone’s curious to see a few new pics, they’re at www.whoaphotos.com

While I was working on my site, it occurred to me that it makes sense to have my blog centralized at that site as well, since the more people click through my commercial site, the more likely I am to have sales. Besides, which, I’m paying for the darn thing, and can have as many user icons, or anything else, that I want on that site. so I decided to go ahead and switch over to the blog at www.whoaphotos.com/blog. I’ll still be reading and responding to journals in lj, but I’ll be posting pretty exclusively in the Whoa! Photos site. For the first while, I’ve left anonymous coments enabled, so you’ll be able to comment even if you don’t feel like getting a Tripod user ID. If I start having problems with that, I’ll disable it, but it’s there for now.