Actually, just one of each.

Correction: In the post about the desert, I refer to the range map of the Bullock's Oriole and how it doesn't show up in Boise. Well, i don't know if I was looking at a totally wrong map, or if the book I happened to be looking at was just outdated, but when I looked them up again recently, they are well established all over Idaho and Washington. I also saw one in someone's front yard in Salkum about 9 days ago.

Addition: In the post about the Cinnabar Moth I forgot to mention that they are that color in order to warn predators that they TASTE BAD. They process the toxic alkaloids from the ragwort, and that makes them poisonous, just like the ragwort. I also forgot to mention that, although our postal address is Onalaska, the town we are closest to is called Cinnabar.