Well, here it is! The fabulous new blog. I know it probably doesn’t look radically different to you, but on my end there are some big changes. I think WordPress, this new blogging software, is going to work out great. There are a couple things to be aware of with this new blog. First off, you can still find the old one here. That old version has been archived, and that means you can’t comment on it, or in some cases, even read the comments. It’s basically just a plain website as a history file. The few most recent posts from that archive have been transferred over to this new site. You’ll see those posts as you scroll down. However, many of the pictures are missing. That will only be the case for those first few entries, and I promise future entries will have lots of pictures.  You will also be seeing some other changes here in the future, like a new header, and changes to the sidebars and such-like. I’d love to hear your feedback about changes you’d like to see. And now back to your more regularly programmed schedule.