So it seems that what I have planted is not so much a garden as a deer feeding station. I have seen their tracks, and of course, the missing tops of any growing thing in the garden a lot. I had already pretty much resolved myself to not having a garden this year, since I won’t be around enough to implement the extreme measures it would take to keep the deer out of the garden. The other day, Preston tipped me off that there was one in the back yard; he had seen it head up the hill while he was standing on the back porch. I managed to sneak out to the back yard, but alarmed a towhee on the way, so only managed a picture of the deer politely leaving the premises.
deer in the garden

Then yesterday, I just had to laugh when I took some compost out in the morning, and saw this in the garden.
deer bed in the garden
You can click on it for a bigger version. And here’s a more straight-on angle, which you can also click on for a bigger version.
deer bed

The bed measured approx 27 inches in length. According to Elbroch, deer beds measure from 25 to 42 inches in length. Can you tell which way it was laying?

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