I so often come across really great posts, that really speak to some expereince that I’m having. And I always bookmark them, and I say to myself, "Self, one day here soon, you will have to write up an insightful and thoughtful piece about how this post applies to your life." And then, of course, my self never gets around to writing the post and I eventually forget about it and go back to posting pictures of my cat.

But today, today it is time for a new approach. I read this post about a phone call to Arnold Newman, and I could so totally relate. I feel like this is what I do all the time at Wilderness Awareness School. I have no idea what sort of crazy blunders I must be making all the time. More than a year later, I am just realizing some of the embarrassing things I did and said in my first weeks of volunteering with the kids programs. And I have no doubt that I continue to make new embarrassing blunders everyday, which I will probably not be aware of for a long time to come.. I’m thankful that everyone at the school handles my lack of knowledge, skills, and tact as gracefully as Arnold Newman did.

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