Last night, I stayed with Anna in her yurt at Mosswood Hollow. I’ve been hearing about Mosswood Hollow for years, but had never actually driven down the driveway that adjoins Linne Doran in order to check it out. It’s a really beautiful place. I’m sitting on Anna’s porch now, to write this, and listening to redwing blackbirds, cedar waxwings, a woodpecker, robins, Swainson’s thrushes. I’m looking out over tons of salmonberries, a blueberry bush, a huckleberry bush, a couple of alders, and a cattail pond. Here in a bit, Roy is going to swing ’round and take me for a quick paddle in one of the canoes. I can sure see the appeal of living here.

I’ll be staying with Anna again tonight, partaking in the 4th potluck tomorrow, and probably staying at Dave’s house for the rest of the week. I’ll head home on Friday afternoon, and have the whole next week off. This job is awesome, and it’s so much harder than anything I’ve ever done for money. I’m really looking forward to having the week off, even though I will only have been working for two full weeks by then.

Last week I had the oldest group of kids (the 11 and 12 year olds); this week I have the youngest (6 and 7). I’m really enjoying the younger ones, with the small exception of the one who peed his pants because he didn’t want to give away his hiding spot in order to go use the bathroom. Fortunately, his mom had packed a change of clothes for him, so it was a minor event. Otherwise, they are so much sweeter and easier to deal with. They are young enough that they aren’t trying so hard to assert their independence, so consensus works a lot better for them. I will, no doubt, have stories further on in the week. For now, here is a picture of the instructors from last week. Frank said that I could post a picture of him as long as I linked to his website, but then he didn’t give me the website. I will link to it as soon as I get it.

WAS instructors

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