Lake Margaret

Here’s where I stayed for the second part of last week. This is Lake Margaret, and it’s right around the corner from Mosswood Hollow. Dave’s apartment is on the lake, and it’s quite beautiful. On Thursday night, Darcy was home and she was all motivated to swim across the lake and back, so I went along. It’s been a couple years since I swam in a lake, and I think the last time was actually in the old quarry pond in Boise where The Girls and I used to go swimming. I didn’t freak out even once, and had a really good swim. I did discover though that I can’t do the crawl stroke without goggles. Darcy agreed that it’s that way for her also. It’s hard to breath out underwater when you can’t see. Dave, being a smartass, said, "Why? Do you put the goggles over your mouth?" But Darcy backed me up that it’s too disorienting. Anyway, it was a good swim, took us about 40 minutes there and back, and felt good.