Here’s a picture of the pond where Roy took me canoeing last night.Mosswood Hollow pond
The yurt I was staying in is in the center of the picture, behind some trees. You can’t quite see it. It reminds me a lot of Pierce Lake, outside of the town of Seeley Lake of my childhood.

Roy took me out on a paddle around in the canoe, and then for a walk around the whole pond. We talked and talked, and really enjoyed each other’s company. I hope that is a connection that continues to grow. By the time I walked him back to his house, it was past Anna’s bedtime, or at least all of her lights were out, so I slept in the truck rather than wake her up. I think I slept better in the truck than in the yurt. I really like staying at Mosswood, where there are more people around, but I also like the idea of hanging with Dave a bit, so I’m torn between spending the next couple nights at his house or staying in my truck at Mosswood. I’ll see how I feel after the potluck.

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