Man oh man, did I ever need a break. From Friday night to Sunday morning, I slept 23 hours. I wasn’t keeping track of calories, but I probably ate several thousand more than I normally do. Seems that I haven’t been taking care of some basic needs while I’m working during the week.

It’s so good to be back on the property and out of the city. I was so torn between spending time outside versus napping that I decided to combine the two. Quite nice.

nap in the shade

I have this week off, so I’m working on baking bread, and organizing the house, and generally being so useful that Preston can’t help but want me to stay home and play housewife for the next 9 months while I finish Kamana 3. I’m baking banana/orange bread right now, and getting ready to put together dinner so it will be ready when he gets here. Ya, so I’m manipulative. You got a problem with that?

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