Read Elpel’s "Participating in Nature" recently, and in it he talks about trust stalking. This is stalking where the animal already knows you’re there, so you’re not trying to hide. You move slowly, think calmly, get interested in nearby vegetation as if you were an herbivore. I tried it last Saturday with a doe on the blackberry trail. I heard her coming up the coyote trail and kneeled down behind some blackberry brambles.

As soon as she came out on the blackberry trail, she saw me, but wasn’t sure what to make of me. After a few moments, I was quite flattered that she thought I deserved a closer look. She walked to within 10 feet or so before a gust of wind swirled towards here, and–no doubt getting a whiff of the sausage I had for breakfast–she bounded away snorting. A few moments later, she was followed by some lighter crashing in the bushes which I assume were made by an unseen fawn.

Later that evening, a doe and two fawns walked up the driveway and we watched them from the kitchen window.

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