Yesterday, I went to the Fiber Arts meeting at the Salkum Library. I’m really glad I went. I met some really nice women, got to do show-n-tell with all my different fibers (soysilk, lhama, bamboo, cat, and samples of wool at every different stage of the process from rolags to completely untreated). I was the only weaver who happened to be there, although there are other weavers who come from time to time. Here’s my first weaving so far. I’m using yarn left over from an ill-fated crochet blanket a few years ago. On my next one, I’ll start trying to incorporate yarn that I’ve spun myself. I also have a really great idea for next year’s SEAF.

weaving loom

The group meets in the middle of the day on Tuesdays, and it seems that there are a lot of people in the area who would love to come but can’t make it during the day. I mentioned to Elizabeth, the facilitator, that I had been thinking about starting a group of primitive skills in general, so it would including weaving and spinning, and also woodcrafting, leatherworking, basketry, anything that people wanted to bring to share and work on. She was really encouraging about the idea, and it turns out that the library is a great resource. If you give them 6 weeks of lead time, they will do all sorts of publicity for you if you have the meetings in their community room.

This all ties in with my plan to create my own community here.

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