I am continually blown away by the way that things manifest if I give them time to do so. I have written before about how it’s in my nature to try to force things, and I’ve really been learning in the last year or so about letting things take their natural course.

So this weekend, I was killing some time before meeting up with a friend. I wandered through the local Farmer’s Market, and stopped to say hello to the owner of on of the local nurseries. He sells every weekend at the Olympia Farmer’s Market, and lives a half mile or so down the street from me. I stopped by his booth to say hello, and he asked if I was still working on my book. He wondered if I would be interested in a little temporary work helping them bring in the last of the kiwi harvest. And, why yes, I would be interested in making a little extra cash around now.

His wife manages the harvest for the orchard, so I talked with Caroline today, and she is just interested in having me show up pretty much whenever I feel like it and working however long I want. So I’ll walk over tomorrow (a job I can walk to!) and have her show me the ropes. I’m not sure how much longer the season will last, and they don’t pay well at all (it’s migratory worker wages…go figure), but I think it will be psychologically good for both Preston and I if I bring in a little cash.

Not to mention that I would really like my name to get out there as someone who you can call for the last push of your harvest season when you just need to rally the troops to come whenever they can, and get paid. Another neighbor raises chestnuts, which I think they harvest in December or so, but I could be wrong about that. It would be ideal for me to be able to pick up a week or two of flexible work here and there for the next nine months while I write this book.

So ya. I didn’t really mean to get a job, but here I am having one, Funny how the universe works, huh?

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