P: Are you okay?
Me: Okay?
P: Ya, you seem a little glum.
Me: Glum?
P: Yes, glum.
Me: (laughing) Glum.
P: Glum.
Me: No, I’m not glum at all. I’m the opposite of glum. I’m anti-glum.
P. Well, you’re certainly not gleeful.
Me: Gleeful?
P: Gleeful. Because glee is the opposite of glum.
Me: Glee.
P: Yes, glum is the…
Me: (interrupting) I think we should get two dogs and name them Glum and Glee.
P: (laughing) Right, we could get one really droopy dog to be…
Me: (interrupting again) Gweedleglum and Gweedleglee!!
Kitty Magoo: (entering the room) I hate you all because it is raining outside!
Me: Look, it’s Gweedleglum Magoo!
P: (still trying to have a logical conversation) …you know like a bassett hound or something, and then maybe a border collie…
Me: Gweedleglee!
P: …right…
Me: Say it! Gweedleglum and gweedleglee! It’s fun!
P: No.
Me: Say it!
P: No.
Me: Say it!
P: The Oracle says there will be no saying of the word gweedleglum.
Me: See, it’s fun!
P: (laughing) Dork.
Me: (laughing) Gweedleglee!