You might note that there is a new sort of thing going on in the post just previous to this one. Some sort of secret code is required in order for you to read the entry. I’ve debated for a long time about how to do this. Should I have secret decoder rings? Should I have an invisible, dissappearing font? Should I just keep two completely seperate journals?

Part of this journal is intended for communication with others, and part of it is wholely self-centered and for my own enjoyment. For a while, I have tried to figure out how to balance my desire to have this journal be a record of the things happening in my life right now, with the fact that not *everyone* who reads this journal wants to know *everything* about me (a fact which I do not understand, I mean really, how could you not be interested in my shopping lists and menstrual cycle and dinner plans 😉 ). So I’m a pretty open person, and I mostly don’t mind if most everyone knows everything that is going on in my life right now. However, I understand that, particularly if you are related to Preston or me, you might not wish to know some of the details.

I’ve talked about it with Preston quite a bit also, since of course, intimate details of my life are often also intimate details of his life. Here is the solution that we’ve come up with. When I write a post that I think some folks might not want to know about, I will place a password on it, so that it’s not immediately visible. I will title the post with a label that indicates the reason that it may be potentially objectionable (i.e. Sex and Relationships). That title will also be the password, with no spaces or capital letters. (i.e. sexandrelationships).

This way, I can leave it up to the discretion of the reader if they choose to know those intimate details or not. So if you are squeemish about personal details, or if you are closely related to us, particularly if you are our mothers, you may prefer to NOT enter the password to those posts.