Have I mentioned to you all that I’m writing a book? Well, that’s the plan at least. For the next nine months (yes, that’s nine months, as in the gestation period of a human being) I will be working on Kamana 3 and writing a book. I mean, that’s the plan at least. I’m having a hard time working out a schedule that works for me. The whole idea is to work out a way to make money that is as far removed from an office job as possible, and that means not having to stick to a regular schedule. However, if I don’t have any structure at all, I know myself well enough to know that nine months from now I will find that I’ve spent all my time surfing the internet and walking around in the woods. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with spending nine months doing that. If it wasn’t for the fact that I like me some of my modern conveniences, you know like that honey-brown-sugar-bacon I bought for $6 at the farmer’s market earlier this week, and a flush toilet, and clean running water out of a well that I can walk to, well, if it wasn’t for needing money in order to continue having some of those things that I’ve decided I really do as a matter of fact, want, I might spend the next nine months wandering around in the woods. However, Preston has agreed to support me for these nine months, and pay for things like toilet paper and $6/lb bacon on the condition that there’s something to show for it at the end of the nine months. And I don’t think he means a baby. So, I’ve gotta come up with some sort of “output” as they say in educational circles, or a “deliverable” as they say in corporate circles. I must provide some “value added” to Preston’s day job life, if I want him to keep doing it. And as happy as he would be for me to get to wander around in the woods for the next 9 months, he probably wouldn’t be satisfied with only some sticks in my hair and callousses on the bottoms of my feet to show for the 9 months that he spends working 8-5.

So. There will be a schedule of some kind. And I will create a “deliverable” of some kind. I will “have something to show for it”. But here’s the real rub. I’m having a hard time with this schedule thing. For instance, today is supposed to be a hardcore writing day. I’m supposed to spend my whole day sequestered away in my little writing studio (yes, I have a little writing studio…how authentic is that?). However, it is a beautiful sunny day, one of the last few of the year, and I would really rather go wander around in the woods. Or maybe even sit and work on my wool spinning in the sun on the front porch. I don’t think that Preston will consider several balls of yarn to be the output of a successful 9 months of book writing, although it’s true that he would probably prefer the balls of yarn to a baby.

The other sort of annoying thing is that when I do sit down and write, I really enjoy it. It seems a little like doing yoga, or clipping your toenails. You know you’ll feel better if you just do it, but it’s the getting started that’s rough. I worry that I’ll stop writing for a few days, I’ll forget that it feels good, and it will start to feel like just another “deliverable”, and I won’t get the book done. So I’m trying to balance the writing with the wandering around in the woods, and the sitting on the porch making yarn, and the trying to create local community. I haven’t quite got it all figured out yet, so if my blog writing wanes for a while, just know that the first trimester is often known for being a little rough, but I’ll be swinging with the flow of things here in no time, and you’ll once again have regular blog postings here at Last Track as a “value added” to your day at the office, or your day hanging out in your van down by the river, whichever.

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