Preston and I agree on an amazing diversity of topics, but there are, of course, those things about which one or the other of us is a little bit more radical. He’s trying very hard to be supportive of this whole 9-months-off thing, and look at it as fair returns for the year that I worked while he went to school. The occasional frustration has come up when he simply doesn’t understand what I’m trying to accomplish. The other day he was really feeling like he needed to know where I was going to be when this 9 months was over. How would I be more employable? When will I start sending out resumes? How will this 9 months off be recorded on my resume in order for potential employers to see it as positive?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I intend to get a job when this 9 months is over (unless I’m living on the big fat check they give me for my book, but really, I’m not holding my breath on that.) And I’m convinced that working through the next level of Kamana does make me more employable, even though it doesn’t give me a state-certified piece of paper. Preston already knows all those things, but was just having a moment of frustration.

Preston: So, what if next year I decide I just want to take 9 months off and go surfing and ride dirtbikes? Are you going to support me while I do that?

DeAnna: My intention is for both of us to create lives where we can support ourselves doing the things we want to do, so that neither of us ever has to "take time off". We would be living in our time off all the time. That’s part of the reason I’m giving this book-writing a try.

Preston: Well, just what would happen if *everyone* refused to go to work and do the things that needed to be done and went and lived in their vans down by the river?!

DeAnna: Civilization would collapse.

Preston: (long pointed pause)

DeAnna: Ask me if I think that would be a bad thing.

Preston: (sighs and concedes the point)

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