I spent the holiday weekend out at La Push, which we try to do as often as we can. The surfing was crappy, but the environment magical as usual. Preston’s friend, Eric, came along, and so did Sarah. In the picture of Sarah, you will see Eric in the background. He’s the cool sort of guy who takes a surfing break in order to just meditate for a few minutes. Preston says he could learn something from that.

Preston and Eric in wetsuits

Sarah with surfboard

Eric and I also hiked in to Third Beach, and had really interesting discussions about Dionysus and his followers. I am a fan of anyone who meditates on the beach and discusses the symbolic implications of Greek mythology on the trail. And to top it off, he’s studying dream interpretation. Like in a class, for real, not like he bought one of those cheesy little books at the local pagan book store. He knows who Jung is and can apply his theories on dream interpretation. I might have a bit of a crush on him.

On the last morning, I watched a juvenile bald eagle (“ugliest bald eagle I ever saw,” says Preston) eating a seagull on the beach, and then was able to get a plaster cast of one of its tracks when it flew off.

juvenile bald eagle eating a seagull

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