Here’s the new challenge for this month:

Lets ditch those imperfections and go all out GLAM. Yes lets glam it up with some disco, diamonds and glitter.

I suggest some gorgeous shots – really over do it on the posing and makeup and dressups and show us the extrovert you. The sexy mama in the kitchen with the peek-a-boo apron or how about some diamontes on those dungarees, stillettos, feathers and lycra. Looking for ideas then go no further than Glam Rock as your inspiration, KISS, David Bowie, and Queen and Garry Glitter. Glam means dressing androgynously in make up and glittery, florid costumes such as David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Get Glam everyone!

Well, let me tell y’all, I got way more inperfections than I do Glam, so this month is going to be a lot more challenging to me than last month was. After I read this month’s challenge, I lamented to Preston, "I don’t even own any make-up, how am I going to come up with 4 glam self-portraits?"

"I think you’re going to have to dig those fuck-me shoes out of the back of the closet," he suggested, because of course, he remembers about the fuck-me shoes, which I haven’t thought about in years. So here y’all go, a self-portrait from another era, taken today, after I exhumed the shoes from under the surfing gear, bicycle panniers, old backpack, a couple sleeping bags, and Preston’s fancy dress shoes.

glam shoes

p.s. I’m posting this early, because I’ll be in La Push for Preston’s b-day for the next few days. Walking on the beach in the rain!

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