So, I think I may have mentioned at the beginning of this month’s Self-Portrait Challenge that I have not so much to do with the glam. For this final week, I had grand plans of getting my mohawk all slickered up, and pulling out some of my old Wiccan Priestess get-ups; I even found an old wand I had made in a box while we were moving (I mean that’s where the wand was, not that that’s where I made it). But instead, I spent the last two days working on my truck, in an attempt to get it to stop making the sound like the axle was being gnawed in two by a giant steel-toothed rodent. This is my life folks. It doesn’t really feel like a self-portrait if it’s a picture of me pretending to be someone that I’m not. I have many facets, and some of the time I dress up, I suppose, and there was a time in my life when I wore make-up and partied at the club, but it was long enough ago that I was using a fake id to get in the door. Here’s a self-portrait that shows one of the personalities I’m a lot more likely to be sporting these days.