If you can’t come up with a picture of yourself on Xmas, the most photographed day of the year, well, I don’t know what, because I did.

DeAnna in Red at xmas

While we mostly did no presents this year, Preston’s mom and aunt and uncle had sent gifts, and it was really nice to wake up this morning and open them. In the picture, I’m wearing two gifts from Kathy, the red vest and the handwoven(! by Kathy !) scarf. Then we went over to some friends of Preston’s family (friends since 1941!) and had Xmas dinner. Good conversation, good people, good food. Slightly long-winded (it’s like that hanging out with smart people), but it was okay because I had my new bag (from Aunt T) filled with my new knitting hobby, so I knitted away. I’m okay with the fact that that makes me a nerd. Like some sort of home ec nerd, not even a cool nerd like a math whiz or something.

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