I have been Crafty and Domesticated. This is a new thing for me in the last couple years, it still trips me out that these are the pictures of what I have been doing in the last couple weeks.

washed wool

This is raw wool which I cleaned (picking out all the stickers and dirt and stuff from when it was attached to the animal) and washed (very carefully so as to remove the lanolin but not felt the wool). It’s ready to be carded.

ready to spin

This is wool that has been carded and is ready to spin. I didn’t card this stuff; Preston’s mom sent it to me. The stuff on the left has been dyed (beautiful!) and the stuff on the right is the natural wool color.

setting the twist

This is some of the stuff that I spun. I spun it, triple-plyed it, and set it using warm water and a weight to dry it to that it isn’t always trying to unspin itself, like when the phone cord gets too wrapped up. (Am I dating myself? Does anyone even know what a phone cord is any more?)

learning to knit

And I’m learning to knit. When the power was out, it was one of the few things that I figured I could accomplish by candle light. I didn’t spin this yarn (you can tell by how it’s all a uniform size and shape and twist), but now that I’m getting the hang of knitting, I can’t wait to knit myself a scarf using wool that I’ve spun myself. You’ll note that this first knitting project of mine increases in width up towards the top there. I understand that that’s something I’m supposed to be able to do, but I honestly haven’t any idea how it happened. It had something to do with when I tried switching between knitting and purling, instead of just knitting, and all of a sudden everything was out of control and expanding everywhere. I suppose I should figure out how to do it on purpose.

Also, I couldn’t stand to throw away all the wrapping paper from the Xmas gifts Preston’s family sent, so I’m making Thank You cards out of it.

recycled wrapping paper