Just a quick update: I talked to the Bank Lady. It should be no problem to get a home improvement loan concurrent with the home financing loan since the purchase price of this one is so low. It’s a different department that pre-approves that one, so we should know in a day or two how much we would be able to spend on a garage. We’re meeting with the real estate agent tomorrow at lunchtime to make an offer, contingent upon being able to get financing on the house and financing on building a garage. I’m sure we’ll talk about it more tonight to be sure that we feel good about that decision before we actually sign any papers tomorrow. More updates to follow, I’m sure.

One more item: We didn’t like the agent we were using. We looked for a new agent. We met with the listing agent for this house that we like, and we really like her. If we were going to continue looking at other houses, we would have her be our agent. But since she’s the listing agent for this particular house, should we go out and find another one? Anyone who knows anything about this sort of thing, feel free to leave advice about having the seller’s agent double as our agent also.